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You need Life Insurance to protect and support your dependents from financial stress in your absence. Do you have spouse, elderly parents, children or other dependents? Have you thought about how they would pay the remainder of your mortgage, car loans and other expenses in your absence? If you think paying monthly insurance premiums are hard imagine how your loved ones would pay for your expenses. It is always a good idea to be prepared for the worst-case scenario.

Being young and healthy works in a person’s favour as it is an ideal time to purchase Life Insurance. Life insurance are more likely to be cheaper at a younger age and for healthy people than when they are older and have suffered health problems. As a result, people can benefit by attaining and locking in cheap premiums for many years to come.

Group Life insurance do not typically cover all your needs. Employers typically cover two or three times your salary however, Life insurance professionals will suggest acquiring a minimum of five times your salary. Employees are also typically covered while they have their job, ask yourself what happens if you leave? Are you still covered?

We do not need to replace the income in this case however one must consider the cost of childcare, housekeeping, and/or educating your dependent children. Life insurance in this case can be used as a vehicle to cover the cost of support of your loved ones in your absence.

The cost of a life insurance policy for smokers is cheaper than one realises. People probably end up spending more money buy cigarette than a life insurance policy. If you have not smoked for over 12 months you can be considered an ex-smoker and get the best possible insurance rates.
Example: a 30-year-old that smoked with a 12-month period can be covered for $100,000 Term 20 policy, for just $15/monthly or $170/annually.