About WhiteHorse Financial - Life Insurance Broker in Ontario

About Us

Our Mission

To continuously educate and guide our advisors to provide the best financial advice for Canadian Families.

More than 50+ Years of Combined Experience

Gallop your way to financial success.







Our Strengths

Award-Winning Team of Licensed Insurance Advisors

Our Award-Winning team of licensed Insurance advisors believe in continuous education to provide their best financial advice for clients. We hold educational seminars and trainings throughout the year to ensure our advisors are updated with the most current knowledge of financial planning, savings and investment products.

50+ Years of Combined Experience

Our team leaders have a combined experience of 50+ years in helping countless families plan a secure financial future. They aim to deploy the knowledge they have gained to help WhiteHorse clients analyse their current financial situation and determine their monetary needs in order to create customized savings and investment plans.

In-Person Consultations

In a pace tech savvy world, we aim to provide you with real in-person financial advice. Our team is here to listen to you and give you the time you need to understand what is financially good for you. Our focus is on selling what you need and what is best for you. We believe in selling quality over quantity.

Our Partners

As an independent brokerage we are capable of offering products from all leading Canadian Life Insurance providers. We are not restricted to offering products from a single company. This means that we are able to explore and examine the industry to get you a financial plan that works best for you.

Our core values

Integrity Properties
Privacy and Safety
Quality Services
Challenging Staff
Innovation Solutions