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Mortgage Insurance


A Person have purchased a home after lots of hard work and spending your whole life savings into that house for your loved ones. He/ She is the only earning person and have a loan to repay. But suddenly A person die because of uncertain accident or any disability. It will be trouble to keep your house for your family.

Don’t say “you die” you “get hurt”, speak in 3rd For example: “if a person dies” People do not appreciate it if you direct negative energy toward them and might get offended.

If a person buys a life Insurance and cover it of Mortgage Insurance, you children will get money. Mortgage insurance is a product that is offered by mortgage brokers to cover their house mortgage, but the difference is that the lender is the beneficiary. With Life insurance the beneficiary can be anyone not specifically the lender. Save your family, your savings and home by joining Whitehorse financial.

Do not speak about a specific product, try to group them and speak in general terms. We are not promoting a specific product but the concept.

Why you need Mortgage Life Insurance:
  • Coverage can start immediately
  • Financial plan cordial installment choices
  • Top-up existing inclusion
  • You’ve covered any place you work
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
Who can apply?
  • To apply, you should be a Canadian inhabitant age 18 to 64 and a borrower, co-borrower, or underwriter for a private home loan
  • Everyone is eligible for some level of protection
How this works?
  • Inclusion up to $1 million for per person
  • Remarkable Life Bridge Benefit covers contract installments until a submitted life guarantee is settled so you’re not from cash on hand while your case is being evaluated
  • Can be supplemented with mortgage disability protection.

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